The importance of outstanding customer service in the hotel industry

When you plan for a vacation, the foremost important thing you consider is the accommodation. There generally remains a list of options to choose the best hotel. On top of that your expectation of how well the hoteliers will serve the best customer service is also significant. However, the worry does not only remain with you, even the hotelier ensures that their customer service is as good as possible to make their customer remain loyal to them.

So what are the most important aspects of customer service that a hotel needs to stand out? Take a look at it.


No matter what innovation might come up to revolutionise the hotel industry in the coming few years, one thing will always remain consistent- good service is good service. There is no alternative to this. The core of customer service is simply the consistency with good services. If your business tends to serve poor customer service gradually, you would certainly lose all your existing and potential clients.

To go beyond expectation:

To ensure that your customer service is consistently good and providing you with a strong baseline to work, going beyond expectation can help to a great extent. Make your guest stay satisfied. The main aim is to do better than they expect. For instance, if your guests want to check in a little later or check in earlier than the normal rule, it is always better to accommodate this for a customer satisfaction. They are likely to remember your help and would certainly recommend others to visit your hotel.
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Listen and reflect:

An excellent customer service will always be about meeting the needs of your guests.Remember, that the needs and necessities of your guests can change over time. Therefore, listening to your guests is the primary factor while offering a good customer service. Moreover, providing innovation can enhance the quality of their stay at your hotel.

Build rapport with the guest:

Do not underestimate the impact   when one of the guests remembers your name especially when you are not expecting it. This is only possible when they understand that they can easily approach to you in case of any problem. Building rapport does not only mean that you always have to find the opportunity to talk to your guest. Rapport can also be established through your initiative to manage petty things that your guests expect you to look after.

Staff morale:

Staff morale plays a vital role in customer service. If your staffs are motivated and happy, they will undoubtedly provide better service. It is quite true that half of the responsibility to provide a good customer service lies in the hands of the staff, right from the receptionists to the room service staff.  The satisfaction ratio of customer and the hotel staff has to be balanced.

Good customer service is one of the key factors behind a successful business. Particularly, in the hotel industry, every guest looks up to the staff to help them and make their stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. If you are looking forward for such services, always read the review of any hotel before you make up your mind to stay there. Search the review online. For instance, if you are planning your vacation in Jersey, all you need to do is search review of the best hotels in Jersey to get the latest updates.

Author Bio:

Lisa Barrymore is a travel journalist. She shares her travel stories through blogs and articles. She has been writing for different publications since 2008. In her recent articles she shares tips on Hotels in Jersey, accommodation in Jersey, jersey holidays and so on. While writing these articles she takes inspirations from Jersey Rooms.

You can follow her on Google Plus.


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